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Cortina mk2 restoration

Hi Paul,

Just wanted to put on record my tanks and appreciation for the excellent job you and your colleague performed on my Cortina Estate ... UPJ 560F.

The quality of work done exceeded expectations and has inspired me to go to the next stage of restoring it further as  discussed.

Cortina mk2 suspension

In fact, rather than wait till late 2012 I'm planning on asking whether you might be  able to take the job on sometime after Christmas.

Perhaps you could drop me a note on that sometime. Many thanks again.

Kindest regards,

John, Ford Cortina Mk2 Estate - December 2011

Cortina mk2 front

911 complete

Hi Paul

The car looks good thanks. I haven't really had time to clean it up etc - I'll do that before bagging it up for the winter.

911 restoration 2

Thanks again for the work, I feel much better now knowing the rust has been dealt with!


Matt, Porsche 911 - November 2011

911 restoration 1

MR2 Restoration

Hi Paul, I had a good look around the car when I got home and I am very happy with what you have done. If my situation was a bit easier financially then I would book in the passenger side to be sorted without hesitation. When it does eventually need doing I will be coming back to you.
I have been very impressed with PBCM in many ways but none more than the quality of your work which has justified me bringing my car to you over others.

From initial comments on the MR2 Owners Club it seems that people there are also impressed with the quality of workmanship shown (some of whom work in the sheet metal / fabrication industry or do repair work on vehicles).
You might be interested in the write up I have created which you can see at the following link:

…..hopefully you might get a bit of business through this and save a few of these cars.

Many thanks for taking the time to chat to me during your working day and show me around your other work – I appreciated the care and enthusiasm that you demonstrated throughout. Diligent conscientious work often goes without praise these days which is a real shame! Feel free to add it to your website. Rob, Toyota MR2 - November 2011

MR2 Restoration
MR2 Restoration

Triumph TR7 Complete

Hi Paul, I had been recommended to Paul Baker custom metalwork by a fellow club member after I unfortunately made the wrong decision and let my poor TR7 at the mercy of the cowboy brigade.This made the job of giving me a proper and firm estimate very hard as Paul was not exactly sure on what horrors were going on under the newly applied paint until work started. Paul kept me well informed at every stage of the restoration on exactly how much each stage was costing.

Triumph TR7 Rear Deck

I also made the job that much harder for Paul by asking him to keep my car totally factory specification and to keep all the factory seams and welds in place just as they would of originally been.  My points and requests were taken on board and followed to the letter. Having worked in a body shop many years ago I would like to think I have a good eye for a decent repair and this is as good as you will get anywhere.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Paul Baker to anyone who is considering having some bodywork repairs done to their pride and joy.

I’m so pleased with the end result I will be taking my other TR7 along for him to work on.
A great job, at a fair price and a cup of coffee whenever you go along to have a look, it doesn’t get much better than that. Roy, Triumph TR7 – August 11

Triumph TR7 Painting

Renault 5 GT Turbo Complete small

We had owned the car for 21 years it had been the children’s taxi for most of this time. The car was nearly original unusual for a GT turbo. Over the last 5 years extensive welding had been needed to get it through the MOT.  I had been looking for several years to finds someone who would restore modern cars replacing rusted metal not just the MOT bodging. While surfing on line I found a picture of the  Renault  turbo 2 which I was able to track to Paul shop. I booked the car in the work took around two months including painting.

The big thing is that all the rusted metal has been cut out new pieces made up where necessary and welded back in. In effect the cars chassis had been re-life also repairs were undertaken to the plastics which were repainted in the original colour.
The car required inner and outer sill replacements along with extensive repairs to the local structure, requiring the fabrication of new parts. Including replacing the edges of the floor with a newly fabricated one in strip. It was inevitable that a small amount of extra work would be found during the work in this case holes in the floor under the seat rails and some holes in the floor pan rear extensions hid by the rear suspension.
The MOT testing station was amazed at the extent of the rust they had passed as OK over the last few years. The ends of the sills were shot there was a place where no less than two patches had rusted through. It is essential that all rusted metal is cut out and replaced otherwise it just carries on rusting behind a patch.
The car is now structurally sound I next have to do the mechanicals and interior
Paul Potter - Renault 5 GT Turbo phase 1

Renault 5 GT Turbo Rear small
Renault 5 GT Turbo Sill small


Morning paul,
Its transformed how it feels, a lot tighter and crisper! The annoying rattle that was with the car since I bought it has completely disappeared… for obvious reasons!  Im really really pleased, I can face the MOT with a little more confidence now.


I spent a long while last night looking through the images you kindly gave me on the disc, I’m in shock at the rust you found and in awe at your skills! It really is truly amazing what you have achieved and in such a short time too… I couldn’t have asked for better.

I will be recommending you to my colleagues for all of their welding needs, especially other Mercedes owners. I know of at least one at the moment actively looking to have his car repaired similarly and I will have no hesitation in recommending you.
Matt, Mercedes E320 - November 2010


Hi Paul,
Just to let you know, the alfa past its MOT re-inspection this morning. Your work drew some attention, with the inspector calling a colleague over to look at it. They both said the welding was “a cracking job and the best they had seen in years”! They were very impressed! They asked who had done it and I told them a bit about the work you did.

Once again, thank you very much. Kind regards, Paul, Alfa 156 - November 2010

BMW 3 Series Convertible Small

Hi Paul, Just wanted to say thank you for doing such a fantastic job on the car. I am so pleased, and having managed to find a window in the weather yesterday cleaned and polished the car and it looks like new...

...Thank the boys at the paint shop too for a fantastic job, and I would not hesitate to recommend yourself or them to anyone who would like a quality job done.

Simon - BMW E30 Cabriolet, May 2010

BMW 3 Series Convertible Weld Small

Humber Imperial Small

They always had time for you & always informs you if any snags or unbeknowns occur. Can inspect progress of work anytime"
Phil Lloyd- Humber imperial, April 2010

Vespa Restore

Hi Paul,
 Just wanted to say that I was really pleased with the work you did on my Vespa Scooter and for the price you did it! It's slowly coming together and hope to have it up and running in the next couple weeks. Will email you some pictures when it's finished.
Please pass on my thanks to Graham, he certainly does do a fantastic job
Thanks Again. Andy, March 2010

Jensen MK1 interceptor small

As the owner of a welding distributor, I come into contact with many capable welders, but none more so than Paul Baker.

I entrusted Paul with the complex welding of the sill structures on my 1967 low mileage Jensen Interceptor.  Paul was able to maintain the original panel lines and gaps by welding techniques and great lead work.

Paul also managed to get all the Jensen replacement panels to fit, and where we couldn’t obtain panes, he used Zintec steel to fabricate panels ensuring a long lasting repair.

Finally, at the end of the job, Paul presented me with a CD library record of the restoration and finished all the little jobs that even I had forgotten about.
Gary Smith, migtigarc, Feb 2010

Jensen MK1 interceptor weld small

Daimler DS420 small

To Paul Baker, PBCM,
I'm writing to thank you for the work recently carried out by yourselves on the body work of my Daimler DS420 limousine which I use for wedding hire and need to look pristine. The CD you produced showing photos detailing the stages of the bodywork repair have given me great confidence in the quality of the repair below the paint and my only regret is I didn't discover you sooner as I had previously spent a fair bit on a repair to this section of the car 3 years ago.... 

After you had stripped the paint the poor quality of the previous repair was revealed. They certainly didn't have the pride in their workmanship that you obviously have.

As a member of the South Hants Vehicle Preservation Society I will be writing to the magazine editor to recommend you for bodywork repairs to the membership.

Once again thank you for the high quality workmanship. Best wishes and every success,
Barry Daniels, Chartwell Wedding Cars  July 2009

Daimler DS420 weld small

Triumph Restoration,  Car Welding,  Classic Car Restoration at Paul Baker Custom Metalwork, Hampshire UK

“...Finding the right man to restore your treasured car can be a very daunting task. I have tried in the past and never really found anyone that has treated my car, as if it was his own. Paul has taken great care with my car. His attention to detail, coupled with superb welding skills has resulted in a superb body restoration, one that will stand the test of time. I was lucky enough to live local to Paul’s workshop, and he was more than happy for me to pop by and watch the work in progress. It was amazing to watch!

There was a lot of work to do. Removing paint and corroded metal, prep-ing the remaining metal, aligning panels, welding into place and then finishing off. It sounds simple... far from it. My car had complex joints and shapes, some of which had totally disappeared. Paul’s fabrication skills were stunning; shaping and fitting and perfectly rebuilding complex sections. So meticulously done! I still amazed at how he repaired the windscreen frame with no repair panels available to purchase. He has a great attention to detail and can spot flaws or faults, that you would never notice, and can suggest improvements on the original design. Paul worked with me to keep within a budget, by combining repair panels, new panels and making panels himself. He always kept me up to date with progress. In summary, Paul is extremely skilled with metal, has an eye for detail, and will not compromise on quality. A superb car restorer!” Greg, Winchester - May 2009

Triumph Restoration,  Car Welding,  Classic Car Restoration at Paul Baker Custom Metalwork, Hampshire UK
Triumph Restoration,  Car Welding,  Classic Car Restoration at Paul Baker Custom Metalwork, Hampshire UK

RS Turbo Small

Hello Paul, Sorry for how late this testimonial is, but, perhaps it's better after seeing how the car settles in over a period of time. I hope it is of use to you. I trust business is good still and I like your website. I have had alot of enquiries from people on the forums etc and have passed your details on, hope you get some more work :o)

 "In this age I have found that there is nothing harder than handing over your pride and joy to someone you do not know. This is a tricky situation that many people face on the car scene, as you never know how the car will turn out. Especially, if you have always done the work on your vehicle yourself. You hear of so many horror stories. After a long and hard search I found a recommendation for PBCM. After a few emails and phone calls I soon realised that this was the guy for the job and have not been disappointed with the result. It was very hard to walk away leaving the car and keys behind, as that is my nature. However, I am so glad I did as pound for pound the result with the car has been totally worth it. Just look at the pictures and the finished result. I was particularly impressed with the execution of the work, the professional manner and the fact that you are kept in the loop at all times. The photo's that Paul took through the duration of the project have proved extremely useful and have been added to the cars growing portfolio. His attention to detail and superb welding skills mean that this car will stand the test of time and go on for another 20 years of motoring. I cannot put into words how I felt when I walked into the workshop to see the finished result and the new windscreen being fitted. I cannot even begin to describe the feeling of driving my car back home. A year down the line the car looks like new. I cannot help but have a silly grin on my face on the daily grind to work. I have also lost count of the people waiting for me when returning to the vehicle to ask me if I would sell it and who did the work. I have even had people who have stopped in traffic to offer their details and clubs wanting me to attend events. If you require your car to have restoration work done on it to an excellent standard, then I highly recommend Paul and in the far future when my car suffers from more of the red worm, it will be Paul I shall go to. I can put my hand on my heart and say that if you want a proper job done, your car to look great and enjoy many motoring miles more, then you will be hard pressed to find a better restorer. The result from all of this is that I shall never sell this car, period!" Thought I would let you know that the car is still great a year or so down the line. Regards, Dave Reeves, RS Turbo, Work done in January 2009

Rs Turbo refurb (1) Small
Rs Turbo refurb (35) Small
Rs Turbo refurb (75) Small

Reanault 5 GT Turboi Finished

What can I say, I have just looked at the CD, it’s like a horror story, all that chassis work, and the quality of the repair work is fabulous, I am used to looking at stuff like that after my nasty affair with a Porsche! That cost me a fortune and put me back years. ...

You have truly worked a miracle, the creation of the new parts etc fabulous, well done, better than original I would say, and I can say,  I want to make my point known, it is the best paint job I have ever seen, I have looked it all over now, brilliant. Now I will sort out the mechanical stuff for the spring.
Fantastic well done! - Roy, Renault 5 turbo - April 2008

Reanault 5 GT Turbo Screen

Lancia  Restoration,  Car Welding,  Classic Car Restoration at Paul Baker Custom Metalwork, Hampshire UK

I spoke with Paul Baker Custom Metalwork after my 79 Lancia Beta Spyder failed its MOT. Paul was very good and came all the way to London to look at the car and gave me a full and frank view of the state of the car and also highlighted a few bits that the MOT station had missed. After speaking with Paul it was clear to me that he was a professional but also very much someone who took a pride in his work which led me to believe that he was the right person to help restore my car.

His quote was very reasonable and I engaged him to start the work on my car. He was very clear in how long things would take and provided regular updates. Despite finding some horrendous patch up work hidden by underseal which meant extra work, Paul approved all additional work with me prior to carrying out the work and sent through a number of pictures highlighting the newly found problem areas so I could see for myself before committing to the extra outlay. In addition Paul also fabricated some sills for me and repaired my rear valance, inner sills, door stops and rear quarter panels amongst other things which were carried out to a very high standard. Paul takes the time to cut out rust as appose to merely welding plates over the top and so the money spent on the car will represent much better value to your car in the long term. He uses the correct anti-rust materials on all welds and new metal and put the car back together so it was neat and tidy when I collected. He also provides you with a CD of pictures taken of all works carried out which is a real plus which will only help add to the value of the car when you come to sell. Paul’s work exceeded my expectations and has given my Spyder a new lease of life. I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul and it should be noted that people with Paul’s experience are very hard to find. If you send you car to PBCM then you can be assured that it is in good hands and will be treated with same love and care that you lavish on your classic car.
Simon Masih, July 2007

Lancia  Restoration,  Car Welding,  Classic Car Restoration at Paul Baker Custom Metalwork, Hampshire UK
Lancia  Restoration,  Car Welding,  Classic Car Restoration at Paul Baker Custom Metalwork, Hampshire UK
Lancia  Restoration,  Car Welding,  Classic Car Restoration at Paul Baker Custom Metalwork, Hampshire UK

Morris Restoration,  Car Welding,  Classic Car Restoration at Paul Baker Custom Metalwork, Hampshire UK

“...I discovered Paul Baker Custom Metalwork via a Web search. As it was located within reasonable traveling distance from where I’m based, I asked Paul for a quote for some restoration works to a 60’s Morris Oxford. The quotation was provided quickly and fully broken down panel by panel. When the works commenced, I was kept up to date with progress / snags via e-mails with photos. Inevitably with classic car restorations, repairing panels often reveals further corrosion or bodged up repairs in other places.

This had happened on my car and Paul handled this expertly by keeping me informed and agreeing any extra charges before commencing further works. He liaised with my panels supplier and often constructed panel repair sections himself. The attention to detail was very evident – with replacement of all rusty metal and properly treating new metal with anti rusting agents. The finish to panel repairs was first class. At the end of the job, I was provided with a CD containing a full photographic record of all the work done – invaluable if you ever have to sell a classic car and need to prove the standard of works done. I was very satisfied with the end product and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Paul Baker Custom Metalwork for similar works. You can be assured that your classic / sports car repairs will be handled properly and not bodged.”
Mark, Oxford - June 2007

Morris Restoration,  Car Welding,  Classic Car Restoration at Paul Baker Custom Metalwork, Hampshire UK
Morris Restoration,  Car Welding,  Classic Car Restoration at Paul Baker Custom Metalwork, Hampshire UK
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